One Young Man’s Story that Could Save Your Life (WCVE’s Idea Stations)


Riley Ennis ’15 is the CEO of a biotechnology company that he hopes will one day make a difference in the fight against cancer.

In an extensive interview with WCVE, Ennis describes the research he conducted while in high school that won last year’s Virginia BioGENEius Challenge. “My research project was on a novel cancer vaccine technology that is a cost-effective and patient-specific therapy that teaches the cells of the immune system to recognize and destroy the cancer,” Ennis explained.

Since arriving at Dartmouth, Ennis has continued this work. “As a freshman at Dartmouth College, I invest a lot of time into Immudicon, which is the spin off biotechnology company from my research at BioGENEius,” Ennis told WCVE.

“After I had finished the research and development of the vaccine, I came into contact with industry experts who helped me start the company, file the patent applications, and begin to focus on licensing the idea or intellectual property to larger biotechnology companies—with the hope that one day the technology will make a difference.“

Read the full story, published 4/4/12 by WCVE’s Idea Stations.

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