Students Recreate Road Trip with ‘Big Green Bus’ (WVIR-TV)


Dartmouth’s Big Green Bus is currently making its way across the country, promoting enthusiasm and excitement for community involvement in the environmental movement.

On June 20, as WVIR-TV reports, the Big Green Bus arrived in Staunton, Va., where it helped build a community garden. Kelly McGlinchey ’12, a member of the Big Green Bus crew, told WVIR-TV, “There’s this shared spark of enthusiasm and encouragement. As 11 young college students, we’re still pretty enthusiastic and excited about what we’re doing. And it’s great to share that with other people.”

The Big Green Bus, powered by reused vegetable oil and equipped with solar panels, will travel 12,000 miles across the country this summer, explains WVIR-TV.

Watch the story, broadcast on 6/21/12 by WVIR-TV.

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