Obama, Romney in Dead Heat, Dartmouth Poll Says (WPTZ)


Despite having only four electoral votes, New Hampshire will play a pivotal role in the upcoming presidential election, reports WPTZ. In this video interview, Dartmouth’s Ronald G. Shaiko tells WPTZ, “The number of electoral votes is rather small, but four votes is four votes.”

Shaiko, the Rockefeller Center’s Associate Director of Curricular Programs and Senior Fellow, expects that independent New Hampshire voters will play an important role in the November election. “It’s going to be that volatile 40-plus percent of New Hampshire registered voters who are undeclared and independent. They are going to decide the election,” he says.

WPTZ points to the New Hampshire State of the State poll released by the Rockefeller Center’s Policy Research Shop in April, which showed Mitt Romney having a slight lead on Barack Obama among New Hampshire voters.

View the video, broadcast on 7/27/12 by WPTZ.

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