Squaring Rhetoric and Reality on Outsourcing (American Public Media)


As a guest on American Public Media’s Marketplace, Douglas Irwin, the Robert E. Maxwell 1923 Professor of Arts and Sciences and a professor of economics, shares his thoughts about the accusations being made by both President Obama and likely GOP nominee Mitt Romney, who each charge the other with sending American jobs overseas.

“Neither of them is directly an outsourcer,” says Irwin.  “President Obama doesn’t run any business and hasn’t shifted operations of that business from the U.S. to other countries. Mitt Romney, while working for Bain Capital, was merely advising companies on how to improve their operations and become more profitable.”

Addressing voters’ concerns about the candidate’s policies regarding outsourcing, Irwin says, “There is this consensus in Washington that allowing markets to work in this way really shouldn’t be impeded. And no one is really going to do anything about it.”

Listen to the story, broadcast 7/17/12 by American Public Media’s Marketplace.

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