Dartmouth Alumni Award Winners Lead the Way


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For nearly 60 years, the Dartmouth Alumni Award has recognized graduates who have given their all to their alma mater. From serving on reunion committees to interviewing prospective applicants, they volunteer in almost every way imaginable. Alumni are eligible for the award following their 25th class reunion, and are chosen by an Alumni Council committee made up of past winners. Recipients of the Young Alumni Distinguished Service Award, founded in 1990, are eligible for the honor within 15 years of graduating and are also selected by a committee composed of past honorees.


Eight extraordinary individuals have received the Dartmouth Alumni Award and the Young Alumni Distinguished Service Award.

Meet the winners of the 2012-13 awards:

Dartmouth Alumni Award Winners

  • Rev. Preston T. Kelsey II ’58: He has been a two-term class secretary and served on the President’s Advisory Committee, the 40th and 45th Reunion Committees (he was chair of the 50th), and the Alumni Council.
  • Doug Wise ’59: He has served his class as vice president, secretary, webmaster, class agent, and chair of its 35th, 40th, 45th, and 50th reunions. He has advised Dartmouth on brand development; served as an alumni career adviser; co-founded Dartmouth Partners in Community Service; and hosted international students with his wife, Joanne.
  • Tom Daniels ’82: He has been a class president, reunion coordinator, class agent, alumni interviewer, district enrollment director, and member of the Alumni Council, where he served on the Executive Committee, headed the Honorary Degrees Committee, and chaired the Nominating and Alumni Trustee Search Committee for two years.
  • Leigh Garry ’84: She has been president of her class and presided over its newsletter, has conducted more than 300 interviews for admissions, and has been on every reunion committee. She was also recognized at Dartmouth’s 25th reunion as one of the winners of the Participation Award for Reunion Giving.
  • Andrea Lordan ’86: She has served as a district enrollment director in the Boston area for almost 20 years. She has also been a member of the Alumni Council, chair of the Nominating and Alumni Trustee Search Committee, chair of the Admissions Committee, president of the Dartmouth Club of Greater Boston, and treasurer of the Class of 1986, to name just a few posts.
  • Todd Cranford ’85: He has served on the board of directors for both the New York and Washington, D.C., clubs, as co-chair for two class reunions, and as president of the Black Alumni of Dartmouth Association. Cranford is a Young Alumni Distinguished Service Award winner and currently serves on the Rockefeller Center Board of Visitors and the Alumni Council’s Ad Hoc Committee on Diversity and Inclusion.
Young Alumni Distinguished Service Award Winners
  • E. Stina Brock ’01, Thayer ’02: She has been vice president of the Dartmouth Club of Western Washington, a member of the Alumni Council, and on the fifth- and 10th-reunion committees.
  • David Wagner ’99: He has been the president of the Dartmouth Club of Dallas, a member of the Club Officers Executive Committee, an Alumni Council representative, and involved in the planning for his fifth and 10th class reunions.
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