Five Pianos, Five Pianists, One Dartmouth



The Hands On Pianos project placed 50 pianos around the Upper Valley in celebration of the Hopkins Center’s 50th Anniversary. (photo courtesy of the Hopkins Center)

In July, pianos were placed throughout campus and the Upper Valley in celebration of the Hopkins Center’s 50th anniversary. The pianos were donated by community members, painted by local artists, and played by hundreds. This rendition of the Dartmouth “Alma Mater” features three students and two professors, and mirrors the many components that made this project successful.

The pianists, in order of appearance, are: Lulu Chang ’15; Sally Pinkas, professor of music; Seth Cohen GR ’13; Xiaotian Wu ’15; Steve Swayne, professor of music.

The video also exemplifies the impromptu nature of the performances the pianos brought to the Upper Valley. Kirk Cassels, who filmed and produced the video, said hearing music gave people a break from their everyday routines.

“It was a treat to see the scale of reactions people had when they heard the piano playing, during the filming of the piece, as well as during an average day on campus," said Cassels, multimedia specialist for the Office of Public Affairs.

Written by
Keith Chapman