Leaving Behind the No Child Left Behind Law (NHPR)


As a featured guest on NHPR’s The Exchange, Rebecca Holcombe, lecturer and director of Dartmouth’s Department of Education’s Teacher Education Program, talks about New Hampshire’s recent request for a waiver to the federal education law No Child Left Behind.

As new standards for teachers and students are proposed, Holcombe discusses the need to look beyond performance-based testing. She tells NHPR, “There are a lot of non-cognitive skills that are really important that I think have been pushed off the table. Things like academic perseverance and academic mindset. The Dartmouth program here is really focused on mind, brain, and education, and what we know about how students learn.”

She continues, “One hope I have is that the waiver will gives us the flexibility to start to cultivate and develop some of those other skills that we know really drive life outcomes, if not test scores.”

Listen to the full story broadcast 9/13/12 on NHPR’s The Exchange.

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