Professor Bafumi to Answer Questions About the Presidential Debates



“If there is a winner, it may be determined less by the candidates’ debate performance and more by the media coverage the debate receives afterward,” said Dartmouth’s Joseph Bafumi before the first of the 2012 presidential debates.

The associate professor of government also told Dartmouth Now what each candidate’s goals should be for the evening, suggesting that President Barack Obama needed to have sensible answers to all questions while keeping his composure and looking presidential, and that challenger Mitt Romney needed to convince viewers and the media that he would be the more capable president.

Would you like to know Bafumi’s thoughts on the second presidential debate, taking place Tuesday, October 15? Join him at Dartmouth’s Facebook page during the afternoon of the debate, from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m, when he will be participating in a live Q&A session. Start prepping your questions now after watching Professor Bafumi’s introduction to the real-time event below.


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