After Qaddafi (Foreign Affairs)


In a Foreign Affairs opinion piece, Dirk Vandewalle, associate professor of government and adjunct associate professor at the Tuck School of Business, discusses the progress Libya has made toward building a functional state.

“Lawlessness and corruption are pervasive, and fundamental questions about the structure and operation of Libyan political and economic institutions remain unanswered,” writes Vandewalle. “None of this, however, should obscure the fact that the larger story about the new Libya is surprisingly positive. … Just a year after the fall of a dictatorship that deprived Libyans of any political role, a modern state has, against all odds, started to emerge.”

A subscription is required to read the full op-ed, published in the November/December 2012 edition of Foreign Affairs.

For a story that was published on 11/11/12, The Independent also turned to Professor Vandewalle for his expertise on Libya.

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