At Dartmouth Organic Farm, Barn Is a Symbol of Sustainability (Union Leader)


A barn-raising project taking place at the Dartmouth Organic Farm is giving Dartmouth community members an opportunity to learn first hand about sustainable farm practices, reports the Union Leader.

A new 24-by-36-foot timber-frame barn is being built to replace the farm’s old barn, the article notes. “While the barn is small, it is designed to spark the imagination of Dartmouth students, faculty, and staff, and, we hope, the larger community,” Rosi Kerr, director of Dartmouth’s Sustainability Program, tells the Union Leader. “Sustainability is a way to innovate, to reach across disciplines, and to solve real problems in ways that make sense financially, socially, and environmentally, and that advance Dartmouth in the world. It’s an opportunity we’re excited to seize.”

Read the full story, published 11/1/12 in the Union Leader.

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