Geisel School Of Medicine Scientists Follow Their Curiosity Wherever it Leads


Read the full story, published in the Fall 2012 issue of Dartmouth Medicine.

Basic scientists at the Geisel School of Medicine have made vital contributions to scientific breakthroughs over the decades. But the faculty hasn’t done this work alone.

Sisters Ruth and Lilian Kabeche are both biochemistry graduate students. And while they share many things, they’ve pursued their own research in different labs. (Photo by Scott Achs)

In a series of vignettes, a few scientists—undergraduates, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty—share their discoveries and offer a glimpse of life in the biomedical sciences.

Aspiring young scientists arrive as postdoctoral fellows or join umbrella graduate programs (Molecular and Cellular Biology and the Program in Experimental and Molecular Medicine) in numbers comparable to medical students, and they go on to join faculties around the world and to establish their own creative research careers.

The life sciences are in a period of tremendous discovery. Research carried out today is forming the bedrock for clinical advances and for a better understanding of ourselves.

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