Hidden Curriculum Shapes How Med Students Learn End-Of-Life Care (NPR)


An analysis of new data from the Dartmouth Atlas Project looks at the variations in health care delivery that exist among residency programs, reports NPR.

The report, titled “What Kind of Physician Will You Be?,” looks at variations in patient care among 23 of the top academic medical centers in the U.S., explains NPR. The report is intended to serve as a guide for fourth-year medical students as they research and select which residency programs to pursue.

“Learning how to use health care resources wisely, provide high-quality care, and incorporate patient preferences into a care plan is just as important as learning to work up a patient,” said Alicia True, Geisel ’15, a co-author of the report. “Medical students should be aware of the practice styles of residency programs they are considering ranking highly in the residency match.”

Read the full story, published 10/30/12 on NPR.

A similar article appears in The Washington Post.

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