Dartmouth Discovery: Grants


Dartmouth researchers were awarded a combined $4.7 million in new and competing awards during October 2012 ($2.7 million) and November 2012 ($2 million), for projects ranging from rural workforce development to brain imaging genetics to quantum computing.

Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy Ryan Hickox is working on a project entitled “The Hidden Side of Rapidly Growing Black Holes.” (Eli Burakian ’00)

Below, view the complete list of awards as reported by the Office of Sponsored Projects.

October 2012 Research AwardsAward commitment from the sponsoring agency is for a single year unless otherwise indicated.

Kristen Anton—Community and Family MedicineSponsoring agency: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Project: “Great Lakes/New England Clinical Validation Center”

Stephen Bartels and S. Pratt—PsychiatrySponsoring agency: Vinfen Project: “Community Based Health Homes for Individuals with SMI” 3-year project

Deborah Becker and L. Flint—Community and Family MedicineSponsoring agency: Vermont Department of Health Project: “Technical Assistance and Training for Vermont’s Adult & Youth Mental Health Employment Programs ”

William Black—RadiologySponsoring agency: American College of Radiology Project: “Outcomes and Effectiveness Core Lab” 2-year project

David Bucci—Psychological and Brain SciencesSponsoring agency: University of Vermont Project: “A Translational Approach to Evaluating Physical Activity on ADHD” 6-month project

Elliott Fisher—The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy & Clinical Practice and D. Goodman—PediatricsSponsoring agency: California Healthcare Foundation Project: “Dartmouth Atlas Project-California Healthcare Foundation” 7-year project

Ryan Hickox—Physics and AstronomySponsoring agency: University of Wyoming Project: “The Hidden Side of Rapidly Growing Black Holes:  Host Masses and Evolution of Obscured Quasars with WISE, Chandra, XMM, Spitzer and GALEX” 3-year project

Mark Israel—PediatricsSponsoring agency: American Cancer Society Project: “Institutional Research Grant” 3-year project

Timothy Lahey—MedicineSponsoring agency: The Arnold P. Gold Foundation, Incorporated Project: “Gold Humanism Scholar” 9-month project

Timothy Lukovits—NeurologySponsoring agency: Yale University Project: “Insulin Resistance Intervention after Stroke Trial (IRIS)”

Lisa Marsch—PsychiatrySponsoring agency: University of Wisconsin Project: “Implementing Technology-Assisted Drug Treatment and Relapse Prevention in FQHCs”

Carmen Marsit—Pharmacology and ToxicologySponsoring agency: Butler Hospital Project: “Childhood Maltreatment: Biomarkers of Risk and Resilience”

Jason Moore—GeneticsSponsoring agency: Indiana University Project: “Bioinformatics Strategies for Multidimensional Brain Imaging Genetics”

Mary Mulligan-Kehoe and D. Likosky—SurgerySponsoring agency: Celdara Medical, LLC Project: “Preclinical Development of a Novel Plaque-Regressing Therapy For Atherosclerosis”

Randolph Noelle—Microbiology and ImmunologySponsoring agency: University of Minnesota Project: “In Vivo Prevention of Murine GVHD”

Karen Schifferdecker—Community and Family MedicineSponsoring agency: North Country Health Consortium, Inc. Project: “Rural Health Outreach, Molar Express” 7-month project

Paula Schnurr—PsychiatrySponsoring agency: Yale University Project: “Sustained Use of Evidence-Based PTSD Treatment in VA Residential Settings” 9-month project

Christopher Snyder—EconomicsSponsoring agency: Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Project: “Econometric Studies of Open Access to the Scholarly Literature” 2-year project

Michael Sporn and K. Liby—Pharmacology and Toxicology and W. Black— RadiologySponsoring agency: Breast Cancer Research Foundation Project: “Chemoprevention of ER-Negative Breast Cancer”

Catherine Stanger—PsychiatrySponsoring agency: Oregon Research Institute Project: “Family and Adolescent Motivational Incentives for Leveraging Youth”

Tracy Stecker—Community and Family MedicineSponsoring agency: Veterans Administration Project: “IPA Hamblen Grant FY13 (Stecker)”

Charles Sullivan—Thayer School of EngineeringSponsoring agency: Environmental Protection Agency Project: “Small-Scale Hydropower Generation and Distribution System for Rural Electrification”

Gary Wegner—Physics and AstronomySponsoring agency: Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Project: “Dark and Luminous Matter in the Twin Clusters of Abell 2465”

Jimmy Wu—ChemistrySponsoring agency: American Cancer Society Project: “Studies of the Nuphar Alkaloids-Potent Apoptosis-Inducing Compounds” 4-year project

November 2012 Research AwardsAward commitment from the sponsoring agency is for a single year unless otherwise indicated.

Deborah Becker and K. Mueser—Community and Family Medicine,  S. McGurk —PsychiatrySponsoring agency: Boston University Project: “Research and Training Center on Improving the Employment Outcomes for Individuals with Psychiatric Disabilities” 15-month project

Joseph BelBruno—ChemistrySponsoring agency: Greenhill AntiBallics Corporation Project: “The Development of Gradient Nanoparticle Structures”

Ambrose Cheung—Microbiology and ImmunologySponsoring agency: Pfeiffer Research Foundation Project: “Discovery of Novel Antimicrobial Compounds for Combination Therapy Against Methicillin Resistant S. aureus (MRSA)”

Margaret Crane—Microbiology and ImmunologySponsoring agency: VERANNE Project: “Payne JPA” 8-month project

George Cybenko—Thayer School of EngineeringSponsoring agency: The University of Texas at El Paso Project: “Checkpoint Analysis and Assessment”

Larry Dumont—PathologySponsoring agency: Emory University School of Medicine Project: “Adverse Effects of RBC Transfusions: A Unifying Hypothesis” 11-month project

Robert Fesen—Physics and AstronomySponsoring agency: Space Telescope Science Institute Project: “Imaging the Distribution of Iron in SN 1885 in M31” 3-year project

Marcelo Gleiser and R. Caldwell—Physics and AstronomySponsoring agency: University of Chicago Project: “Emergent Complexity in the Universe:  Origin and Limits” 23-month project

Lee Lynd—Thayer School of EngineeringSponsoring agency: Department of Energy, Oak Ridge National Laboratory Project: “Bioenergy Science Center 2” 3-year project

Frances Norris—PsychiatrySponsoring agency: Veterans Administration Project: “Sherrieb IPA - FY13” 10-month projectAlexander Rimberg—Physics and AstronomySponsoring agency: University of Wisconsin Project: “Solid State Quantum Computing using Spin Qubits in Si/SiGe Quantum Dots” 2-month project

Karen Schifferdecker—Community and Family MedicineSponsoring agency: North Country Educational Foundation Project: “Rural Healthcare Workforce Development Program”

Charles Sentman—Microbiology and ImmunologySponsoring agency: Celdara Medical, LLC Project: “ChNKG2D-Targeted Cellular Cancer Therapy: Phase I Clinical Trial” 10-month project

Jacqueline Short—PhysiologySponsoring agency: National Eye Institute Project: “Laminar, Neuronal, and Circuit Mechanisms of Attention in V1”

Susanne Tanski, A. McClure and J. Sargent—Pediatrics,  J. BelBruno—Chemistry, A. Bernhardt—Norris Cotton Cancer Center, M. Crane—Microbiology and ImmunologySponsoring agency: American Academy of Pediatrics Project: “Evaluation of Nanotechnology-Based Personal Sensors for Detection and Quantification of Secondhand Tobacco Smoke Exposure”

Richard Waddell and C. von Reyn—MedicineSponsoring agency: University of Massachusetts Medical Center Project: “New England AIDS Education and Training Center”

Peter Wright—PediatricsSponsoring agency: University of Rochester Project: “Operation of a Facility for the Study of Influenza Viruses, Vaccines and Antimicrobials in Adult Human Subjects” 8-month project

Peter Wright, H. Bernstein and J. Modlin—Pediatrics, P. Palumbo and J. Turco—MedicineSponsoring agency: University of Rochester Project: “Operation of a Facility for the Study of Influenza Viruses, Vaccines and Antimicrobials in Adult Human Subjects” 8-month project

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