War in Afghanistan: The Unseen Sacrifice (The Huffington Post)


In a blog on The Huffington Post, President Emeritus James Wright writes about the costs of war “that have been even more hidden than the future bills for these deficit-financed wars.”

Wright, the author of Those Who Have Borne the Battle: A History of America’s Wars and Those Who Fought Them, writes, “So far this year 302 American servicemen and women have died in Afghanistan, 2,166 since the war began over 11 years ago. There have been 17,674 wounded. Plus countless others bearing silent wounds.”

Wright says it is important to know “the human face of war,” and contends that “Americans need to confront, as Mr. Lincoln did, the necessary human cost of war. In the summer of 1864 President Lincoln watched wagons with dead and wounded returning from what would become the long, bloody siege of Petersburg, and he said, ‘I cannot bear it. This suffering, this loss of life is dreadful.’ It still is.”

Read the full story, published 12/13/12 on The Huffington Post.

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