30 Haunting Images From the Dark Days of American Child Labor (Business Insider)


In light of a recent NGO report warning that the global recession is causing increased use of child labor worldwide, Business Insider questions why child labor is now rare in the United States. Part of the answer, the news website says, “may seem obvious—we’re too wealthy for that kind of thing.”

But for a “much more nuanced portrait of the situation,” Business Insider points to a landmark 2007 survey of studies by Dartmouth’s Eric V. Edmonds, an associate professor of economics, and illustrates the history of child labor in America with photographs by the American sociologist and photographer Lewis Hine, who took snapshots of child laborers—some as young as 4—as an investigative photographer for the National Child Labor Committee between 1908 and 1924.

Read the full story, published 1/24/13 on Business Insider.

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