Summer Enrichment at Dartmouth (CBS)


In a story highlighting the Summer Enrichment at Dartmouth (SEAD) program, CBS notes that it “inspires students from under-resourced schools to get to college.”

CBS explains that the high school students enrolled in the SEAD program spend several weeks at Dartmouth during four consecutive summers, participating in a range of educational opportunities, including SAT preparation and public-speaking classes.

Carol Fuchs serves as a SEAD executive committee member. She is a member of the Barnet family, who collectively will receive a Lifetime Achievement Award as part of Dartmouth’s annual Martin Luther King Social Justice Awards on February 1, 2013. The award honors the family members, including Fuchs, for their commitment to social justice, and particularly their “work providing disadvantaged youth access to education,” as the article notes. Fuchs will accept the award on behalf of the family, representing her brothers, William Barnet III ’64 Tuck’ 65, and Laurence G. Barnet ’68, and in memory of their parents, Mary G. and William Barnet II ’34.

Read the full story, published 1/14/13 by CBS Philly.

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