Geisel Medical Students Take On National Leadership Roles


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Three Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth students are demonstrating the school’s commitment to developing physician leaders by helping to lead three prominent, national medical organizations.

Geisel School of Medicine students Kristen Jogerst, left, and Jessica Swienckowski, are among the three Geisel students who have leadership roles within national medical organizations. (Courtesy of the Geisel School of Medicine)

Jessica Swienckowski, a third-year medical student, is chair-elect of the Association of American Medical Colleges’ Organization of Student Representatives. Fourth-year Geisel student Laura Ostapenko was appointed to the Liaison Committee for Medical Education (LCME). The LCME is the national accrediting authority for medical education programs leading to the MD degree. Kristen Jogerst, a second-year Geisel student, was selected to the inaugural Education Committee of the Consortium of Universities for Global Health.

“We’re incredibly proud of these three students and their achievements,” says Wiley “Chip” Souba, dean of the Geisel School of Medicine. “Cultivating the leadership talents of our students so that they’re ready to address health care’s most vexing problems is at the heart of our curriculum. Jessica, Laura, and Kristen are taking the leadership lessons they have learned here at Dartmouth and putting them into action on a national level.”

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