Creative Connections


Read the full story by Kathryn LoConte Lapierre, originally published in the Winter 2013 issue of Dartmouth Engineer.

As Dartmouth celebrates the Year of the Arts, and marks the 50th anniversary of the Hopkins Center for the Arts, nine engineering majors describe how they bring art and engineering together.

Wouter Zwart ’14, who takes engineering and studio art courses, enjoys working in 3D. (Photo by John Sherman)

Wouter Zwart ’14, whose major is engineering modified with studio art, tells Dartmouth Engineer:

“I was determined not to become an engineer. I thought it was too constraining, and I wanted to travel and have flexibility in my schedule. Then I got involved in Dartmouth Humanitarian Engineering and traveled to Rwanda. I saw a practical application for my interests.

“Taking engineering and studio art at the same time is a good balance of classes. My focus in studio art so far has been in architecture and sculpture; I really like working with 3D space.

“In architecture you balance what you can do in reality and what you want to do with space creatively. You bring the two together. Engineering is analytical and problem-based, but sculpture is similar in approach.”

Dartmouth Engineer also highlights the work of Nora Hodgson ’13, Chris Magoon ’13, Sam Worth ’13, Caroline Steffen ’14, Liliana Ma ’14, Kristen Colwell ’13, Christine Bettencourt ’13, and Drew Jankowski ’13.

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