Yeti Robot Detects Polar Dangers (National Geographic)


An article by National Geographic features the Yeti—a battery-powered robot designed to detect potential hazards in polar region research areas. The Yeti was designed by a team led by Dartmouth’s Laura Ray, a professor of engineering at Thayer School of Engineering.

“It’s simple and inexpensive, yet effective,” Ray tells National Geographic. “On a $20,000 budget, designing from the ground up, undergraduates designed and fabricated a very reliable robot.”

The Yeti uses radar and global positioning systems (GPS) to detect treacherous terrain, such as crevasses in ice sheets, the story notes. According to the article, the Yeti has been used on 12 projects, including one at the South Pole.

Read the full story, published 4/16/13 by National Geographic.

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