Celebrating Coeducation: 40 Years of Change


The year 1972 marked the beginning of an era of inclusion and innovation that to this day defines the forward-thinking vitality steering Dartmouth toward the upcoming 250th anniversary of the founding of the College.

The new website will include profiles of faculty, staff, and alumni who have contributed to Dartmouth’s legacy.

A new feature called Profiles of Change celebrates Dartmouth’s ongoing commitment to diversity and profiles faculty, staff, alumnae, and alumni who have contributed to this rich legacy by demonstrating the inseparability of diversity and excellence on Dartmouth’s campus and around the world.

“Dartmouth evolves every year to remain one of the world’s most enduring institutions,” says Interim President Carol Folt, who initiated the project. “An essential part of this evolution has been our ongoing work to ensure that Dartmouth fosters forward-thinking leadership that capitalizes on the strengths of a globally diverse community. We’ve spent this year celebrating four decades of campus initiatives that advance and support this goal, including coeducation, Native American Studies, and the Black Alumni of Dartmouth Association. The Profiles of Change project gives us a wonderful opportunity to celebrate many of the faculty, staff, alumnae, and alumni who made it all happen—on campus and across the world.“

To view Profiles of Change, click here.

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