Red Lines and Red Herrings (Foreign Policy)


Dartmouth’s Daryl G. Press and Jennifer Lind write in an opinion piece in Foreign Policy that there’s no hard evidence that the United States will lose credibility if it fails to intervene in Syria.

Though some U.S. leaders have urged military intervention, particularly after reports of chemical weapons use in Syria, the authors, both associate professors of government, say there is “little evidence that supports the view that countries’ record for keeping commitments determines their credibility.”

“Advocates of intervention in Syria worry that a failure to act will embolden U.S. adversaries around the world. … The notion that Kim (Jong Un of North Korea) would interpret U.S. reluctance to stop a humanitarian disaster in Syria as a green light to conquer a major U.S. ally strains credulity,” write Press and Lind.

Read the full opinion piece, published 5/6/13 by Foreign Policy.

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