World Press Photo Denies Winner Was a Fake (The Telegraph)


Dartmouth’s Hany Farid has ruled out the idea that an award-winning photograph by Swedish photographer Paul Hansen was inauthentic, reports The Telegraph.

The photo, which shows two Palestinian children, victims of an Israeli missile strike, being carried to their funeral, won an award from World Press Photo in February 2013, but came under scrutiny when the technology website Extreme Tech cast doubts on its authenticity, according to The Telegraph.

Farid, a professor of computer science, tells the newspaper that there had been “a fair amount of post production, in the sense that some areas have been made lighter and some darker.”

However, in ruling out the idea of a composite, Farid tells The Telegraph that each pixel is in “exactly the same place” in the final photo as in the original file.

Read the full story, published 5/15/13 by The Telegraph.

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