Your Severance Package: One House (Huffington Post)


In a Huffington Post opinion piece, Dartmouth’s Anuraag Girdhar ’15 writes about a recent paper co-authored by Professor David Blanchflower, the Bruce V. Rauner Professor of Economics, entitled “Does High Home-Ownership Impair the Labor Market?”

“It’s one of the few politically non-partisan issues today: Homeownership is an intrinsic part of the American Dream,” writes Girdhar. “However, Blanchflower and Oswald do not contend that homeowners tend to be unemployed themselves; instead, they suggest that homeownership has spillover costs that extend into the labor market. Using data collected from 1986-2011, one of their arguments centers on how residential sprawl tends to stifle the growth of new business and job creation.”

Read the full opinion piece, published 5/17/13 by the Huffington Post.

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