Quantum Data Storage Breakthrough (Forbes)


A team of researchers from Dartmouth and the University of Sydney has developed a new method to preserve quantum information, reports Forbes.

The inability to preserve information that is error-free has inhibited the development of practical quantum computing, explains Forbes. The new method being developed by scientists at Dartmouth and Sydney could be a breakthrough, the article explains.

Dartmouth’s Lorenza Viola, a professor of physics and astronomy, and Kaveh Khodjasteh Lakelayeh, a research assistant professor, are co-authors of the study, “Designing a Practical High-Fidelity Long-Time Quantum Memory,” published June 19 in Nature Communications.

Forbes notes that in their paper, the researchers write, “Developing techniques for the preservation of arbitrary quantum states—that is, quantum memory—in realistic, noisy physical systems is vital if we are to bring quantum-enabled applications including secure communications and quantum computation to reality.”

Read the full story, published 6/19/13 by Forbes.

The new study was also featured in an article published by Wired.

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