Vaccine Research Gets a Shot in the Arm (NewScientist)


NewScientist reports that it’s a busy time for the vaccine industry, “with more money, technology, and expertise being thrown at the big challenges than ever before.”

One expert in the field, Margaret Ackerman, an assistant professor of engineering at Thayer School of Engineering, agrees. Formerly, she says, vaccine production “was a very simple approach. You attenuated or killed the pathogen, and that was your vaccine. When that worked as a vaccine it was great, but when it didn’t, it was hard to know where to go next.”

Now, she tells the magazine, a new approach has emerged. “Using protein engineering tools, we can look at a million or a billion variants of an antigen and pull out variants that we think would make a better vaccine.”

Read the full story, published 6/12/13 by NewScientist.

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