Big Apple’s Ivy League Vagabond (The Wall Street Journal)


In his column Urban Gardner, Ralph Gardner Jr. of The Wall Street Journal recounts learning to juggle with the help of a long-time expert: Paul Binder ’63, co-founder and former ringmaster of the Big Apple Circus and the author of a new memoir, Never Quote the Weather to a Sea Lion.

“I told him I already knew how to juggle two balls,” Gardner writes. “He was unimpressed. ‘Three is juggling,’ he sniffed. ‘Two isn’t. One more object than hands becomes juggling.’ ”

Gardner writes that after Binder graduated from Dartmouth, he and Michael Christensen, “with whom he’d go on to found the Big Apple Circus, traveled across Europe juggling. ‘We went all the way from London to Istanbul juggling in the street,’ he remembered. ‘We were making our living that way. We had no other money.’ ”

Read the full story, published 7/24/13 by The Wall Street Journal.

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