Aisha Tyler’s Recipe for Success: Fail, and Fail Hard (CNN)



In her new book, Self-Inflicted Wounds, Aisha Tyler ’92 writes about her career as a stand-up comedian and actress and says enormous failures preceded her success, notes CNN in an interview.

Asked how an Ivy League graduate with a degree in political science and environmental studies became interested in comedy, Tyler tells CNN that after she graduated from Dartmouth, “I thought, well, now I have a degree and I can take a risk and see if it will pay off, because I can always go back to a traditional job.”

Tyler tells CNN that “if you’re not failing, you’re not innovating. If you’re not failing, you’re not risking. So go for it, and then use the failure as a fuel, use it as a way to become mentally tough, because it’s absolutely unavoidable.”

Read the full story, published 8/21/13 by CNN.

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