Meet the Makers (The New York Times)



In a column about Teach for All, a network of 32 countries that have adopted the Teach for America model of recruiting recent college graduates to teach in underprivileged schools, the New York Times’ Thomas L. Friedman writes that the network is “the anti-Al Qaeda.”

He notes that “while Al Qaeda and its affiliates try to inspire and enable young people to be breakers, Teach for All tries to inspire and enable them to be makers.”

Among these makers, he writes, is Alden DiIanni-Morton ’11, who is working as a program manager for Teach for China. DiIanni-Morton, who grew up in Boston, tells Friedman that “I could have stayed in the U.S., but I think there is a huge interest in making educational equity a global question.”

Teach for America founder Wendy Kopp, who is also CEO of Teach for All, received an honorary degree from Dartmouth in 2012, and was that year’s Commencement speaker.

Read the full opinion piece, published 10/29/13 by The New York Times.

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