Vitamin D Fails to Ease Winter Coughs (The New York Times)


A new study led by the Geisel School of Medicine’s Judy Rees found that vitamin D and calcium do not have an effect on upper respiratory tract infections, reports The New York Times.

“During winters of the four-year study, those taking vitamin D had, on average, 1.8 days of illness, compared with 1.6 days among the placebo group, an insignificant difference,” writes the Times.

Rees, an assistant professor of community and family medicine, tells the Times, “Of course there are observational studies that show that vitamin D has various benefits. But those studies can’t eliminate the effects of lifestyle from causing bias. A randomized trial is designed to avoid those problems, and that’s what I think we did.”

The study was published recently in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases.

Read the full story, published 12/2/13 by The New York Times.

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