Dartmouth’s Wybourne and Whaley Meet With Matariki Partners


Martin Wybourne, interim provost and vice provost for research, and Lindsay Whaley, interim vice provost and associate provost for international initiatives, are set to represent Dartmouth at the annual meeting of the heads of the Matariki Network institutions, an international consortium of universities. Dartmouth is a founding member of the group. The gathering is hosted by member Uppsala University in Sweden from February 2 through February 4.

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Wybourne is attending on behalf of President Phil Hanlon ’77.

In addition to Uppsala, Dartmouth’s partners in the Matariki Network are Durham University in England, Queen’s University in Canada, University of Otago in New Zealand, University of Tübingen in Germany, and the University of Western Australia.

Named after the Maori word for the seven-star Pleiades constellation, the Matariki Network’s institutions share Dartmouth’s commitment to uniting scholarship and teaching.

Martin Wybourne

The network’s five-year strategy tops the meeting’s agenda, Whaley says. Matters to be discussed also include research workshops being planned for the network by each of the members, developing a fellows program for early career scholars, the creation of dual degrees, developing an indigenous student mobility program, and benchmarking around the international student experience.

Lindsay Whaley

“Dartmouth is just beginning to reap the benefits of this new consortium,” says Whaley. “To date, the highest impact has come from workshops that bring together scholars from the Matariki institutions, which have stimulated various research collaborations. The Matariki Undergraduate Research Network, for example, will provide great opportunities for students to internationalize their studies in new ways.”

Dartmouth, which hosted the consortium’s first conference on research in the humanities in September 2013, is the lead institution for a workshop on cyber-security to be held in the summer of 2014.

Kelly Sundberg Seaman