Academics Question Agency Ties (Chronicle of Higher Education)


In a story about the National Security Agency’s shift away from filling its advisory board with scientists from leading universities, The Chronicle of Higher Education writes that NSA has replaced many academics with corporate advisers “more steeped in the tactics of surveillance than in either basic science or overall strategies.”

The Chronicle turns for comment to President Phil Hanlon ’77, whom it describes as “one of the few academics to publicly acknowledge recent participation” in the NSA’s Emerging Technologies Panel, which replaced, in 2005, the agency’s National Security Agency Advisory Board. The Chronicle reports that President Hanlon served on the board for about 13 years while he was a professor of mathematics at the University of Michigan.

Hanlon tells the Chronicle that he recalls the change as part of a transition toward “nonscientific” advice aimed at “the running of the business.”

Read the full story, published 2/10/14 by The Chronicle of Higher Education.

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