Is Freedom Just an Illusion? Maybe We Don’t Want to Know (NPR)


In an NPR 13.7 Cosmos & Culture blog entry, Dartmouth’s Marcelo Gleiser reflects on the push to develop machines that simulate the human brain.

“The premise here is that if brains somehow sustain the mind and we deconstruct the brain in detail and we put the information back together in powerful computers, we should be able to recreate consciousness from computer code,” says Gleiser, the Appleton Professor of Natural Philosophy and a professor of physics and astronomy.  “Or such is the hope, anyway. Since the brain integrates external stimuli to give us our experience of reality, would simulated brains be able to recreate reality? And if so, could we be fooled by a simulation, unable to distinguish reality and fantasy?”

Read the full opinion piece, published 2/26/14 by NPR.

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