Straight Talk on Sexual Violence (Inside Higher Ed)


During a much-anticipated conference at the University of Virginia, a panel of six college presidents, including President Phil Hanlon ’77, discussed sexual misconduct on campuses, reports Inside Higher Ed (IHE).

During the discussion, President Hanlon acknowledged that the system for dealing with campus sexual misconduct is imperfect, notes IHE. “The methods for adjudicating other kinds of issues just don’t work that well for sexual assault,” Hanlon said. “I think we really need to think hard about those processes.”

Among the six presidents was former Interim President Carol Folt, now chancellor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Also attending the February 10 and 11 gathering were a number of college students, including Dartmouth’s Murylo Batista ’15, who asked the presidents how they were assisting low-income and minority survivors, two groups especially vulnerable to sexual assault, IHE notes. His question elicited an invitation to the students to offer their own suggestions.

Batista is a member of the Student and Presidential Committee on Sexual Assault and the student organization Mentors Against Violence, both of which aim to reduce sexual assault on campus and educate students about the issue. Along with a group of other Dartmouth students who are deeply engaged in the issue, he was invited by the President and the Dean of the College to participate in the conference.

Read the full story, published 2/11/14 by Inside Higher Ed.

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