U.S.-Russia Relations and Sochi (NHPR)


NHPR’s “The Exchange” focuses on the spotlight that the Sochi Olympics has put on the current relationship between the United States and Russia and turns to Dartmouth’s Daniel Benjamin for his comment.

Benjamin, the Norman E. McCulloch Jr. Director of the John Sloan Dickey Center for International Understanding and the former counterterrorism coordinator for the U.S. State Department, tells NHPR, “We’re in an ever-smaller globalized world and so for Americans, for Westerners, things like human rights are very important, especially in a country that we trade with with increasing frequency, that we invest in. And so all of these issues, in a sense, are unavoidable. Russia is not nearly as important to us today as China is. And that could not have been said 20 or 30 years ago. It is changing picture, but Russia is still nonetheless very important.

Listen to the full story, broadcast 2/11/14 on NHPR.

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