Dartmouth Action Draws Line on Sexual Assault


March 18, 2014

Sexual assault is a societal issue that transcends higher education. It destroys lives and damages communities. No institution is immune. At Dartmouth, we are taking action. Earlier this month our Board of Trustees endorsed and the administration shared with our community for comment a proposal that calls for the following:

  • Mandatory expulsion in cases involving penetration accomplished by force, threat, or purposeful incapacitation or where an assault involving penetration is motivated by bias;
  • Mandatory expulsion where the charged student has previously been found responsible for sexual assault; and
  • In other cases involving penetration, a strong presumption in favor of expulsion.

Subject to changes made in response to suggestions made during the comment period (which ends April 14), the College plans to implement a new policy by June 2014. At Dartmouth, we believe that even one sexual assault is one too many. We are devoting resources to take on this seemingly intractable issue that must be stopped.

Further, it is important to note that when assault occurs Dartmouth takes action. We investigate every instance of sexual assault that is reported to the College and offer multiple levels of support and resources to every survivor.

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