Grateful Graduates Index: The Top 50 ROI Colleges (Forbes)


Dartmouth ranks second on Forbes columnist Matt Schifrin’s list of 50 private colleges that have “a track record of producing alums who come out in droves to donate money to their schools.”

This is the second year of Schifrin’s list, which he says “ranks colleges by the median amount of private donations per student over a 10-year period. The idea is that the best colleges are the ones that produce successful people who make enough money during their careers to be charitable and feel compelled to give back to the schools that contributed to their success.”

Schifrin notes that this is “the time of year when high school seniors across America are weighing college and university acceptances trying to figure out which, from among more than 4,450 degree-granting institutions, is the most worthy of their deposit check. In other words, where will they spend the next four years in pursuit of an education that should be a launchpad for a successful career and happy life.”

The column is accompanied by a slideshow of the top 50 colleges and representative alumni that includes a photo of actor Mindy Kaling ’01, creator of The Mindy Project.

Read the full story, published 3/27/14 by Forbes.

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