Quoted: Gleiser, Finkelstein, Howell, Farid, Anderson



In recent days, the world’s media, from The New York Times to the BBC, turned to Dartmouth faculty for comment. Here’s what five professors had to say:

“I think ideally we’d need to have parents, schools, and communities all working together to demonstrate that we care about activity, we care about nutrition. And I think we just don’t really see that yet, although it is turning in that direction,” says Professor Patricia Anderson in an NHPR interview about childhood obesity.

“There is no evidence that photo is fake. So now everybody should shut up about it,” says Professor Hany Farid in a New York Times story about a controversial photo of hungry Palestinians waiting for emergency food supplies.

“It is certainly not easy being a CEO in these times,” says Tuck’s Robert Howell in a Wall Street Journal blog about running a successful business.

“Embracing rather than fearing the unexpected is a key to really getting ahead, as well as being smarter and more adaptable,” Tuck Professor Sydney Finkelstein says in a BBC blog about the psychology of expectations.

“This is, I believe, the most endearing aspect of science—that it allows us to reinvent the world,” says Professor Marcelo Gleiser in an NPR blog about why being childlike is good for the imagination.

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