Quoted: Komska, Horiuchi, Robertson, von Reyn, Blaydon



In recent days, the world’s media, from The New York Times to The Wall Street Journal, turned to Dartmouth faculty for comment. Here’s what five professors had to say:

“I am satisfied with the fact that there has been no war so far, and I think that most people appreciate that,” says Professor Yuliya Komska in an NHPR interview about the United States’ response to Russia’s annexation of Crimea.

“By doing good, a country can do well,” says Professor Yusaku Horiuchi in an Epoch Times story about global health programs and President Obama’s 2015 budget request.

“The higher the false-positive rate, the less you want to apply the test,” says Geisel’s Douglas Robertson in a Wall Street Journal story about colon cancer testing.

“Our goal is to demonstrate that this is an effective booster vaccine that could help reduce the burden of TB disease throughout the world,” Geisel’s C. Fordham von Reyn tells the Union Leader in a story about the Geisel-Aeras partnership that will test a new vaccine.

“There will be big winners, and investors don’t want to miss out,” says Tuck’s Colin Blaydon in a New York Times story about Airbnb and the accelerating pace of investments.

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