Another Season of ‘Dynasty’ for Voters (The New York Times)


In a New York Times opinion piece, Assistant Professor of Government Brendan Nyhan says it may be time for Americans to admit that political dynasties have a certain appeal.

“Very few American voters say they are in favor of dynasties like those of the Bushes and Clintons,” Nyhan writes. “But just six years after these families relinquished control of the White House after holding it for two decades, prominent Republicans are reportedly trying to draft Jeb Bush into a race in which Hillary Clinton is expected to be the leading Democratic candidate.”

Later in the piece, he writes, “Barbara Bush, the former first lady and Jeb Bush’s mother, argued last year, ‘There are other people out there that are very qualified, and we’ve had enough Bushes.’

“And yet a Clinton-Bush clash of dynasties remains possible. Such a campaign would surely test the public’s patience with treating politics as the family business, but if it happens, don’t we have only ourselves to blame?”

Read the full opinion piece, published 4/28/14 by The New York Times.

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