Hanlon Calls for End to ‘Extreme Behavior’ (The Washington Post)


At an April 16 presidential summit with dozens of student leaders, faculty, staff, and alumni, President Phil Hanlon ’77 said Dartmouth’s future is “being highjacked by extreme behavior,” and that it’s time for a change, reports The Washington Post.

“Hanlon’s unusually stark assessment of the challenges facing the prestigious college came as many faculty, students and alumni have been agitating for action to prevent sex assaults and improve the campus climate. But the speech also reflected a larger national debate about campus safety. President Obama this year formed a task force to develop policies to stop assaults, and Hanlon said he and other college presidents met recently with Vice President Biden to discuss the topic,” writes the Post.

“These are issues that are clearly bedeviling every campus in this country, and every president is worried about them,” President Hanlon told the Post in a telephone interview before the summit.

A new disciplinary system for sexual assaults is expected to take effect by June, and Hanlon said he will convene a “committee of students, faculty, administrators, and alumni to draft reforms to end sexual assault, high-risk drinking, and other harmful behavior, the Post reports.

Read the full story, published 4/16/14 by The Washington Post.

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