Home Fires (The New Yorker)


In a story about the literature of war, particularly from World War I to Afghanistan and Iraq, New Yorker writer George Packer says the best literary work thus far from those two recent engagements is by Phil Klay ’05.

Klay’s Redeployment, Packer writes, is “a masterly collection of short stories about war and its psychological consequences.”

Packer writes that Klay, “a Dartmouth grad who served in the Marine Corps in Anbar Province during the violent months of the surge, in 2007, is a writer who happened to be a marine—you can imagine him writing well about anything, not just Iraq. His fiction is extremely funny and absolutely serious, his control over language and character so assured that the array of first-person narrators in these dozen stories—combat grunts, a desk-bound officer, a beleaguered State Department official, a Marine chaplain—are all distinct and persuasive.”

Read the full story, published in the 4/7/14 issue of The New Yorker.

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