Quoted: Balmer, Lind, Hanlon, Bell, and Gleiser



In recent days, the nation’s media, from NPR to The Washington Post, turned to Dartmouth for comment. Here’s what President Phil Hanlon ’77 and four other professors had to say:

“I would not want to be a church leader defending the restriction of gay rights these days,” says Professor Randall Balmer in an Al Jazeera America story about an evangelical Christian leadership summit in Nashville, Tenn., to discuss sexuality.

“In the U.S. we worship our World War II veterans,” says Professor Jennifer Lind in an Al Jazeera America story about mounting tensions between China and Japan over World War II and its aftermath.

“These are issues everywhere. A prospective student or parent should be concerned if a campus is not talking about them,” says President Phil Hanlon ’77 in a Washington Post story about the April 16 presidential summit, in which President Hanlon called for an end to high-risk and harmful behavior on campus.

“It is critically important that we bring all women ahead rather than just a certain segment of the female population,” says Tuck’s Ella Bell in an interview with the Center for American Progress about broadening women’s leadership.

“He understood that when you love something you only give it full life when you share it with others. That’s the essence of good mentoring,” says Professor Marcelo Gleiser in an NPR blog about the importance of having a mentor.

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