Stories From Dartmouth’s Vietnam Veterans (NHPR)


NHPR’s The Exchange highlights the new book, Dartmouth Veterans: Vietnam Perspectives, edited by Phil Schaefer ’64, which is a collection of essays from Dartmouth alumni recounting their experiences from the war.

“With time, people gain perspective, and I think it’s the perspective of these people that is important for the future, realizing that almost all of the men were proud of what they did,” Schaefer tells NHPR’s Laura Knoy. “Many of them were in favor of the war when they started; few of them were as they left.”

Vietnam War veterans and former Dartmouth classmates Lee Chilcote ’64, David Hess ’64, and David Kruger ’64 are included in the book, and shared their stories with NHPR.

Listen to the full story, broadcast 4/22/14 by NHPR.

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