Jake Gaba ’16 Leads Dartmouth in a ‘Happy’ Dance


Jake Gaba ’16, who famously danced across China last year, is doing a happy dance back at Dartmouth. This time, he invited more than 100 of his fellow students, a few faculty members, and a dean along for the ride.

Jake Gaba ’16 leads the Dartmouth community in a “Happy” dance in a new video. (Image courtesy of Symbiotic Studios)

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Gaba made a splash in January with his YouTube video “Guy Dances Across China in 100 Days,” now viewed by more than half a million people and featured widely in major media, including ABC’s Good Morning America and TIME online.

His new video, “Dartmouth College – Happy,” sets people all over campus in motion, dancing and lip-syncing to Pharrell Williams’ hit song Happy. Watch the video here.

“This is a video showing the positive side of Dartmouth College.” Gaba says. “Our goal with this video was to make everyone on campus feel happier and more like a community.”

Jeremy Thibodeau ’14 directed the video, which was produced with Yesuto Shaw ’15 and Symbiotic Studios, the music recording and video production business Gaba co-founded with Devon Koch ’16.

In addition to scores of students dancing in landmark locations all over campus, there are cameo dance moves by Senior Lecturer Charles Wheelan ’88 and his dog, by Adjunct Senior Lecturer John Pfister, by Dean of the College Charlotte Johnson, and by a horse named Brutus, as well as many others.

On the Devon and Jake’s Symbiotic Studios YouTube channel, the video had already logged 17,000 visitors one day after it was posted on May 5.

“We hope that no matter your feelings towards Dartmouth, you will still be able to watch our video and feel a little bit happier. Smiles beget smiles,” Gaba says.

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