The Part of Your Brain That Made You Eat That Doughnut (TIME)


TIME features a new study by Dartmouth’s Todd Heatherton and Richard Lopez that focuses on the constant push and pull between two regions of the brain and how that battle impacts a person’s self control and will power.

“The problem, it turns out, is not with your brain as a whole, but with a battle for dominance between two parts of it: the nucleus accumbens (where the good times roll) and the inferior frontal gyrus (where the bouncer lives),” the article notes.

According to TIME, the researchers found that, “Overall, the people who had had the greatest reaction in the nucleus accumbens indulged significantly more than the people whose inferior frontal gyrus did a better job of maintaining control.”

Heatherton is the Lincoln Filene Professor of Human Relations and Lopez is a graduate student in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences.

Read the full story, published 5/1/14 by TIME.

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