President Hanlon on Sexual Assault Prevention (TIME)



In a TIME opinion piece, President Phil Hanlon ’77 says prevention efforts are “critical if we are to rid our campuses of the extreme behaviors that harm our community and distract us from the passion of our pursuits.”

Through the Dartmouth Bystander Initiative, President Hanlon writes, “we are instructing individual students, faculty, and staff to intervene at the first signs of trouble. To date, more than 800 Dartmouth students have been trained in DBI and we expect up to 1,400 more to be trained by the end of the month.”

In July, Dartmouth will hold a Summit on Sexual Assault, and the College will “bring together higher ed leaders and experts from around the country to strengthen prevention efforts and better promote the safety and well-being of our students,” Hanlon writes.

Read the full opinion piece, published 5/15/14 by TIME.

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