Quoted: Goldman, Press, Gleiser, Adachi-Mejia, and Green



In recent days, the nation’s media, from TIME to NPR, turned to Dartmouth for comment. Here’s what five professors had to say:

“There is definitely a selection bias, and definitely access issues,” Geisel’s Marlene Goldman tells TIME about obtaining fertility data for a new study on older couples and in vitro fertilization.

“Tragically, those countries that have fought wars to build a reputation for resolve have wasted vast sums of money and, much worse, thousands of lives,” says Professor Daryl Press in an Atlantic story about U.S. foreign policy.

“Life is this amazing force that, from a carbon-based code and a common genetic ancestor, can create a staggering diversity of wonders in this, and possibly other, worlds,” says Professor Marcelo Gleiser in his NPR blog about the nature of the universe.

“The finding was that doing a team sport with a coach is associated with less smoking,” says Geisel’s Anna Adachi-Mejia in a Union Leader story about a study she led on “tweens” and tobacco.

“It’s opening up a brave new world,” says Professor Ronald Green in an NPR story about how scientists have discovered a way to make human sperm out of skin cells.

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