Quoted: Talbot, Henderson, Flanagan, and Nyhan



In recent days, the world’s media, from The New York Times to NHPR, turned to Dartmouth for comment. Here’s what four professors had to say:

“I think at essentially every level of this disease entity we are steep on a learning curve,” says Geisel’s Elizabeth Talbot in an NHPR interview about ticks and Lyme disease.

”Let’s hope that studies incorporating both Minnie and Mickey go far in pushing the boundaries of science for everyone,“ says Geisel’s Leslie Henderson in an Al Jazeera America opinion piece about including both male and female subjects in medical studies.

”These artifacts that fill our libraries threaten to sink into oblivion,“ says Professor Mary Flanagan in an op-ed on the website Ozy about how crowdsourcing will be a factor in saving printed archives in the digital age.

”The implications of Johnson’s administration for Obama are different from what many of these commentators think,“ says Professor Brendan Nyhan in an op-ed for The New York Times blog ”The Upshot."

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