Quoted: Taylor, Benjamin, Morse, Balmer, and Farid



In recent days, the nation’s media, from The Wall Street Journal to The New York Times, turned to Dartmouth for comment. Here’s what five professors had to say:

“It’s in Patagonia. It’s in Tierra del Fuego. It’s in Alaska,” says Professor Brad Taylor in an Alaska Dispatch story about rock snot and climate change.

“He seems to want to distinguish himself by the depth of his brutality. It is a big part of his calling card,” says the Dickey Center’s Daniel Benjamin in a Wall Street Journal story about Abubakar Shekau, the leader of the terrorist group Boko Haram.

“I wouldn’t hesitate to prescribe it, but again, I think it needs a little more study at this point,” says Geisel’s Richard Morse in a WPTZ story about medical marijuana and children suffering from serious illness.

“One of the many paradoxes surrounding Carter, however, is that evangelicals, the very people who helped propel him to the presidency in 1976, turned so rabidly against him four years later,” says Professor Randall Balmer in a Des Moines Register opinion piece about President Jimmy Carter.

“Nobody would deny there is a need to authenticate photos,” says Professor Hany Farid in a New York Times story about Izitru, his free, online, do-it-yourself image verification service.

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