Quoted: Finkelstein, Kull, Sloboda, Kim, Hanlon, and Rhimes



In recent days, the world’s media, from The New York Times to the BBC, turned to Dartmouth for comment. Here’s what Dartmouth professors, staff, and alumni had to say:

“Relying on averages, for anything, is a sure-fire method to cover up little differences that might have big meaning,” says Tuck’s Sydney Finkelstein in his latest column for the BBC.

“It’s amazing to think about what goes on inside microtubules, which are hollow tubes much smaller than a human hair. Until now, we thought of them as tracks along which particles move inside cells. But now we know the tracks are being modified and regulated by events that are occurring inside the tubes; it redefines the way we think of these critical cellular structures,” say Professor F. Jon Kull and Professor Roger Sloboda on a piece they recently published in the journal Cell.

“What you may hear less about is how much better a college education is today than at any time in the past,” writes Josh Kim, Dartmouth’s director of digital learning programs, in a “Concord Monitor” opinion piece.

“You may not feel ready to leave, but you are ready to succeed,” President Phil Hanlon ’77 told the Class of 2014 during Commencement.

“Ditch the dream and be a doer, not a dreamer,” says Shonda Rhimes ’91 in her Commencement address.

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